Last updated: July 19, 2022

From July 20 to August 20 (i.e. 30 days of summer), I’ll write something daily and post it here.

Let me first answer: why should you not read this? If you have better things to do, you probably shouldn’t read this. There’s nothing special here. The lowest quality content is that which is produced daily, like newspapers. The highest quality is that which is written over large timespans and goes through multiple rounds of feedback. Ideally the author is an expert in what they are writing about. Based on this criteria, this is guaranteed to be low-quality.

So, why should you read it? Think of it like running into me on your way to class. You are running 1 minute late and we are walking opposite directions, but when you see me you make the mistake of asking: “what’s up”? You expect an “I’m good, you?”, but instead I rant to you for a minute about my life, as I tend to do, making you a whole 2 minutes late to class. If this ever happened to you and you enjoyed it, or you think you’d enjoy it if it did happen, you might want to read this.

Why am I doing this? I miss you guys, and it’s lonely working alone. Maybe you’ll respond to something I say; maybe you’ll tell me what you’ve been up to. Maybe you’ll make me 2 minutes late to class.

(note: i stopped writing after day 13 for various reasons! i’ll write more when possible)